1. Tweak your week


It’s normal to feel like university life is pulling you in multiple directions and question why you’d sacrifice social events to study? Well, the best thing you can do is work out how long you need to dedicate to studying each day of the week in order to get all your work done (be honest with yourself!). Then, set apart the time in your weekly schedule to do it. Don’t forget to allocate time for socialising and your hobbies, too. Once you’ve got your timetable, make sure you stick to it, but feel free to adjust timings as new commitments come in (so… Love Island starts in June).

2. Mute your group


We’ve all got a WhatsApp chat that won’t stop popping up on our phones when we’re trying to focus. It’s tempting to read what’s being said while you’re studying, but try muting group chats until you’re ready to take a break. Then, you can unmute the chats, read and respond to messages. It’s not like the messages will disappear, so you won’t miss out on any gossip.

3. Reach the perfect combo


No, we’re not talking about a half chicken with peri-salted chips. We’re talking about a different kind of combo – a combination of socialising and studying at the same time. First, pick a friend you trust who won’t get too carried away chatting. Next, arrange to meet up in a place where you won’t be distracted (a quiet study space or room at the library). Then, test each other for 20 minutes on different topics that you’ve been studying, take a break to chat for 10 minutes, and repeat as many times as you wish. Set a stopwatch so you don’t go off schedule. It really is the perfect combo (sorry Nando’s).